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Here's another hat I made during the holiday. I revised the pattern so it includes bobbles and different cables. I also changed the size so that it's not a "big mushroom hat" as I was calling my previous beanie.

I decided to use the yarn I had on hand, so I can only guess that this yarn is made with Lion's Brand Wool Ease. I couldn't spit splice so I think it's mainly polyester but it's super


If you can read my pattern, feel free to use it! I've marked in green where you want to purl. You can email me if you have any questions. It's fun to make and it knits fast.

This is my knitting project from our holiday train ride to Portland, Oregon. I used a free pattern called "Traveling Cable Hat," by Purl Soho, and it came highly recommended by Gay Outlaw--who is an excellent knitter--unlike me. I was so lazy and without a ruler on the train, I didn't take a proper gauge. The resulting hat is oversized and not how the pattern intended. I cut out two rows of pattern to accommodate my bulky yarn (the instructions call for worsted weight). I'm going by the book for my next project, but Portland is oddly frigid so my oversized hat is cozy.


It is always good to take photos of things that inspire you. These are some of mine.



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