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I was trying to recreate some of my older designs including this one. I'm pleased with the color, but not with the shape. It's off in a way I don't like because it's off-centered in a non intentional way. It's like, when you pause a movie right when the actor makes weird face. I'm not sure that the photos are capturing the essence of the "weird face" in the glass.

If you want this, email me and I'll send it to you at a deep discount.

I've been playing around with underglazes. It gives me more control to give me the desired painterly effect. I especially like the textured surfaces I create using slip, which is watered down clay. There's a lot to learn about ceramic color and technique, I'm trying to restrain myself from doing too many new things. So far, I really like the effect of the white glazed cup with the raw underglaze showing underneath. I've always liked how different textures interact with each other.

I'm going to make more cups in this manner and see where it takes me.

Have you ever been in a freight elevator before? I typically will take the stairs to work out my hamstrings. I take the elevator only when necessary but I have fun every time. It never gets old!

At night, it's creepy, and I love it still. There's a useless light in the corner of the elevator that seems to do nothing but get absorbed in the darkness.

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