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On April 29 and May 6th, I will be teaching a mini master class at Public Glass, where I make all of my glass works in SF. The focus of the class is on techniques used to create my 'Gems Rocks Glasses' and my 'Gelatin Bowls'. There will be an emphasis on how to use glass color effectively through using various color application techniques. I'm very nervous that my class will not fill or that I won't do a good job, even after years of teaching experience! However, I am also very excited! Class details and registration are not yet available, but if you sign up for Public Glass' mailing list, you can get more info regarding classes.

Wish me luck!

This piece is one of the first things I ever made in ceramics. I caught my finger on the lip as I threw the clay, causing an imperfection that I loved.

A few months later, I attempted to create a glass version when I visited my friend Cher, who has the cutest little hotshop in her backyard, outfitted with a small mobile furnace. I tried to keep true to the process when I created the glass version. I trimmed the glass lip almost completely, then clumped the trimming back onto the mouth to create a thumb rest. I really like how the thumb rest is cut out of the vessel to create a decorative and functional feature.

I further refined it in my current rendition of the pretzel cups, which are available on my website. My friend and glass assistant, Jeanine, coined the name, as the twisted trimming reminded her of a pretzel.

Not all mistakes are destined for the trash can.

I have some new ceramics to show you! These pieces will be uploaded to my site within the next two weeks, along with other possible ceramics and glass works.

Since deciding to pare down my wholesale offerings, I've felt more motivation and inspiration to create new works than I've felt in a while. I am happy.

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