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Updated: Feb 9

Just photos of lights and skies. As a glass maker, I always have to consider how light interacts with form and color in my pieces. Visual note taking is an important part of my process.

Colors of the sky are blue, grays, and orange. The clouds are billowy and full. The sun is peaking up in the middle of the horizon because this is sunrise.
Photo taken from a train window

The window of the plane is showing a blue and purple sky, while the top of the window is reflecting a bright orange light, which creates a beautiful complementary color block.
Photo taken on a plane

The sky is bright pink and purple. The clouds are sparse and lightly lining the sky. The lights are turned green, which adds a contrasting brightness to calmness of the sky.
At a pizza shop in the east bay

Early in the morning photo shows a singular cloud reminiscent of a spaceship, reflecting the orange-ish reddish light of the sunrise.
Along Irving ave in the sunset

The sky is an eerie bright purple. The purple sky is seen between the industrial buildings, which are turned grayish purple because of the sky.
Taken outside of the studio in Bayview

The pinks and blues are reflecting the colors of the sun as it is slowly descending beyond the hills in the distance.
Taken at dawn from a train ride

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27 mar 2023

very interesting perspective... thank you for sharing

11 kwi 2023
Odpowiada osobie:

Thank you so much for your feedback!

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