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Gems and Gelatins

Updated: Feb 9

Maria's signature gelatin bowl in blues. The top of the body is in a gradient light blue and the base is made of a transparent light blue.
Gelatin bowl

On April 29 and May 6th, I will be teaching a mini master class at Public Glass, where I make all of my glass works in SF. The focus of the class is on techniques used to create my 'Gems Rocks Glasses' and my 'Gelatin Bowls'. There will be an emphasis on how to use glass color effectively through using various color application techniques. I'm very nervous that my class will not fill or that I won't do a good job, even after years of teaching experience! However, I am also very excited! Class details and registration are not yet available, but if you sign up for Public Glass' mailing list, you can get more info regarding classes.

Wish me luck!

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