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On painting

These are my daily reminders. I have them open on my computer tab so I read these words every day:

The only way you fail is if you quit.

Do not feed your anxiety and negative emotions.

Feeding your anxiety and negative emotions make your world small.

Make the best art you can possibly make. 

Your process is your own.

You own your process.

You have to stand by your art and take it seriously.

You do not apologize for your art. 

You must not present your art like it’s not good enough. 

Your art is your best friend. 

You have responsibility to your art. 

To see it every day.

To respond every day.

Do not waste your blessings:





Some of these reminders are my own, but most of these are words were given to me by others. They are from people I respect and people I love.

It amazes me what I forget in 24 hours. These daily reminders are necessary.

Acrylic paintings on paper and cardboard

A wall showing many small acrylic and oil paintings in progress.
100 paintings on cardboard

An abstract painting of an acrylic painting is puzzpled into an oil painting.
An acrylic painting is puzzpled into an oil painting.

Many acrylics are lined up on the ground on display. The paintings are in the colors of gray, reds, purples, and navy.
Monochromatic acrylic paintings

A gray, abstract cardboard painting, where there is a small cut out in the middle, as a puzzle pieced into the cardboard.
Another puzzle-like painting.

I had an idea back in October, 2023 that I should paint 100 paintings on cardboard. I had just moved from SF to Portland, and cardboard was readily available. Painting on used cardboard takes the preciousness out the work. These paintings were made to act as source material for further explorations in painting, so permanence is not a concern.

More to come.

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