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Color Combos

Updated: Feb 13

Sharing some glassy eye candy. Because, why not?

A glass sphere sitting in the opening of a speckled, dark green vase. The background shows a florescent pink print by Courtney Sennish.
Just a brilliant yellow (R-020) glass sphere in a dark green vase. I also love it next to the print by Courney Sennish.

Aurora Light (R-252) + Opalescent Light Blue (R-153)
Aurora Light (R-252) + Opalescent Light Blue (R-153)

A glass jar filled with bright green translucent paint. Sitting in the water is a red handled paintbrush.
I guess not technically "glassy" but I was painting onto glass, and it's in glass...

Samples of glass colors in emerald green glass bubble, olive green disk with a clear center, and a clear piece of glass with specks of white frit glued on top.
Emerald Green (R-26), Dark Olive (R-4291), and Opal White (R-62)

Sitting on a metal ledge is a bright green glass cup and a brown swirly glass cup.
I didn't make the brown cup so I don't know what color it is, but I love it next to my fluorogreen (G-34) cup.

Close up view of a green bottle and its light blue, twisty handle.
Opal nile green (R-178) and brilliant copper blue (R-39). I think I'm really into green these days.

Fuchsia glass bottle with vertical blue stripes.
Fuchsia (R-9) and lapis blue (R-91)
Two glass orbs of dark red and a pastel light purple.
Copper ruby light (R-244) and pastel blue violet (R-170)

Copper ruby light (R-244) and pastel blue violet (R-170). This is a relatively new discovery. Just noticed these sitting next to each other one day and thought it was so great. Copper ruby light is beautiful and tricky to work with because the environment of the gloryhole has to be just right as to not burn the imparted gold... Or else it turns livery and brownish.

Two glass orbs of a dark purple sitting next to a glass orb of transparent cobalt blue.
Plum and cobalt blue

This is a little different, but I think it works! Cobalt blue is one of those iconic colors that I usually find difficult to use. What do you think?

In my hand, I am holding a glass paperweight. The paperweight is transparent navy.
Steel blue paperweight

This is not a color combo per se, but I had to share because the color is so beautiful! This is a paperweight I made out of glass that has been recycled out of all of the transparent colors mixed together. As you probably know, glass can be melted and reused, but you probably didn't know that it turns some shade of blue if there's any remaining metallic oxides left. Depending on the batch, you might get a dark blue effect like you see here, or sometimes you get a light blue result. The pinks, reds, yellows.. etc will burn out when heated over 2000 degrees. It's not like pigment, where if you mix all the colors together, you get a shade of brown!

I have a pop up coming up! I will send a newsletter out soon!

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