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Digital Collage

Behind the scenes art process:

Image of a three panel projection of a Botticelli drawing and his name.
Botticelli's Drawings Exhibition

Last month, my former boss, mentor, and friend, Gay took me to the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco to see Botticelli's work and they were inspiring! Thanks Gay! Even though I never had great interest in art from the renaissance, I found myself looking through my book on Italian art after coming back to Portland. Let me share with you some recent digital collages I made.

Sorry about the blurriness, it wasn't my concern when I was playing around. I was especially drawn to the hands of Flora grasping at the flowers in her hands. I spent some time trying to paint her, and I found it difficult to make sense of her forefinger.

I'm so amazed at how easy things are to do on the internet these days. Manipulating images and taking backgrounds out of photographs takes no time at all.

Botticelli's Primavera with the background removed

Botticelli's Primavera with the background removed.

Botticelli's Lamentation Over the Dead Christ with the background removed.

Pontormo's The Deposition from the Cross with background and most parts except heads and limbs removed. My painting progress on the right.

I especially love this painting by Pontormo because the colors are striking, and the way the bodies are positioned have an effortless flow to it. Also, I noticed in this view that it actually looks like Christ is not being carried, but that he's standing. It looks like the pair of legs on the left corner fit better on Christ than it does on the guy behind him.. Just me?

Overall, the painting is light filled and airy, but at the same time looks flat in some areas, as in the green fabric. I just love how it's painted from a formal standpoint.

Anyway, more digital collaging:

It's very fun and gratifying to be able to explore different iterations of a concept with low risk. At some point, I would maybe like to incorporate AI generated imagery as well.

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