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These cups were inspired by a new book, The Glassmaker, by New York Times bestselling author, Tracy ChevalierI was invited to design and make a set of glasses that would function as a give-away item to promote the book! But you can still order these limited release cups :)




Height: 12.7cm / 5 inches

Diameter: 7.62cm / 3 inches


Handmade glass holds up to 12 oz of liquid


Blobs of variegated baby blue and with a hint of yellow + lagoon.

Squiggles in celadon. 


Each glass is one of a kind because of the nature of how it's made. Each squiggly bit is first spun into twirls before they are cut into sections and applied to the glass. The sqiggles are sometimes thin, thick, tightly spun.. or not. - It's all part of the fun of making these glasses :) As a maker of objects, I am pleased to know that a machine is certainly not capable of replicating the blahby-ness and the squiggly-ness of these handblown cups. Also, they are a nice weight for everyday use.


If you want to see how these are made, check out my instagram. :)

Blahbs and Squiggles Cups in Orsola

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